Higgle-dee Piggle-dee

February 28, 2007

My photo post timeline is all screwed up because um. Yeah. Anyway.

Some snapshots from Christmas time. I was really sick during this, running a fever but we had planned a week in advance to get together to do our gift exchange and it was also Mons bday. So I was half assing with the camera and using the built in flash. Nice and blinding.

Anywho. Did secret Santa. I got Mon, she got me, Tash got Ria, Ria got Pen and Pen got Tash. We also decided to get one another gag gifts and tiny gifts for the others we didnt choose.

just gonna post the gag gifts. Yeah my photos not included because um, shut up.

Ria’s gag gift was a step ladder. Because she’s the shortest of all of us. Ria and I are supposedly the same height. 5’1 and a half but we recently found out. Well that half is just me.

Monica is the fairest skinned of us all. Even after we go to the beach! So my gag gift to her was self tanner.

Tasha is always late. Well not always but 95% of the time she is. Pen got her an alarm clock, which also reflects the time onto the ceiling.

Penny was pregnant during this. Ria got her contraceptives. We know its too late but we thought it was funny anyway.

Moving on. Hanging out and shooting pool. These might be from two different nights. Really dont remember.

tasha reading while we eat thai.

monica contemplating mini muffins.

Bella and her many seconds of unwillingness and one second of willingnessseses.

Around christmas time. Fake snow at a shopping outlet. Last photo didnt come out right, not sure what happened. Too bad, i liked that one.

thaats it for now.


February 21, 2007

So im lazy. And my bursts of motivation are very short. Moving on.

Ria…or was it Monica? Who I had talked to about some plans we had later on that day with Penny. Mon had said something about penny going in to the doctors that morning. When I had asked my sister about it she said it was fine and Penny could still have a week to go. Well apparently Amelia didnt want to wait a week to be born. So I tried Pennys cell, Anthony said she was in labor and we all booked it to the birthing center

Libby. Pennys youngest sister.

Pennys Aunt who was in the room while Penny was in labor describing the baby.


Nurse wheeling the cart out. ugh bad exposure


When it was time to see the baby well there was a lot of us.


The following day Ria went to have her hair texturized. This Ria’s expression of importance and seriousness.


Afterwards we did stop by Pens house and visit with Amelia.


Monica’s work gave their employes christmas presents. Which was for a fully paid hotel room for the weekend.

It was raining during the day and there was a lot of drinking in the evening after dinner to where Tash was doing cartwheels but Im lazy to crop and upload those photos.



Ria and I had decorated the room with Christmas decorations. And I baked gingerbread cookies.

Apparently Mon had some crumbs out on the balcony and a bird came down to eat it. Fed it some more.

Took a photo for Keith. Bird man.


Maybe do another post later. Thats it for now.


Pennys birthday. Nov 30. We were rooting for Amelia to be born then. Apparently wanted to have some cake first.


January 18, 2007

Im looking at this page here. And seeing this: Used: 28% of 50MB. buy more

I dont remember this from the last time I posted. Well that just sucks ass, am I going to have to move somewhere else again? I dont even know why they dont give you more MB they barely offer anything here to begin with. So much shit you cant do and only 50MB.


anyway. New Year. New beginnings.

It was weird not having Jen home for christmas. You hear that Pip? IM PISSED YOU STOLE MY JEN.

Im totally kidding, I’m sure england was a blast for her and still had a good christmas nonetheless.

Extremely busy december though.

New Years has never really been a big deal, we would go out, maybe rent a room, so without my friends here (Jen and Ria both on vaca and Zach MIA) I actually forgot it was new years until I turned on the tv and someone famous somewhere was having a big to do.

I may go to hawaii this April to shoot a friends wedding. Excited, nervous.

And then summer will roll around and triple diple cross your fingers Keith may come to visit.

Should be fun. Jen you better be coming home for summer. Ill learn how to bake crumpets and scones if I have to ๐Ÿ˜‰


October 27, 2006


Is a photography weblog that I started.

To say I browse and look at a lot ofย  photography and photography sites is an understatement.

I also like to share the great work and information I find.

So this site is a way to bring my findings to the masses.

Check it out if you’re interested ๐Ÿ™‚


October 20, 2006

Its still raining.

Went to the laundromat.


She likes the camera.


My sister. Thats your book in the foreground Keith


I’ve been craving this place for a month now. Fuji Ichiban. Great Miso Ramen, great karage chicken, great gyoza.


It used to smaller. Theyre parking lot is the only thing that didnt expand but needs to be expanded.


Gloria doesn’t know how to use chopsticks.


Like I said. Likes the camera.


Lindas. Local diner thats been around since the 50s. Great food.


Jeff Pirates Cove. Best burger I’ve had ever. By the beach down south. Ria drinking…something. I think it was pink.


Jackie. It looks like she’s about to say SHUT UP.


Eri and Penny having fun with the starfish. Starfish are almost too fun.


Keep your fingers crossed the rain stops. I miss the beach.


October 15, 2006

Anyone dressing up for halloween? Any good ideas?

I was thinking maybe an insurance adjuster.

Anyway Ria, my sister and I were invited to this partylite presentation. Basically just candles, tea lights, votives holders etc. Actually really nice stuff. And my sister volunteered us for dessert even though she can’t cook or bake. I ended up making it.



thats about it. Theyre supposed to look like pumpkins but I was kinda winging it and it was last minute so they look more like apples. At least I know what i’m doing now if i try to make this again.

Havent taken photos lately its been raining for like a month.

Hopefully it lets up soon.


October 5, 2006

Id rather be bored in a beauty salon then at home.

I dont know if that makes sense


Thats Ria up there.

This girl was getting highlights.


The weather here is not good for hair. Well at least not mine. Ria and Jens hair seems to manage. If only it were possible to steal hair.

I think this woman was covering her grays. But the girl aboves son was scared when he saw her.


Beauty salon relationships.


This turned out crazy. Jen looks crazy.


Some photos of Bella. Because theres always at least one!



they’re already selling Christmas decorations. I’m a crazy christmas decorator. My friends can vouch for me. No i’m not one of those people who have a reinactment of winter wonderland on their lawn with mechanical elves. (….they dont sell that stuff here).